Two forms of ID and job site address required (for minimum cash deposit)
- Valid California driver's license with picture, local address, and permanent ID number.
- Another form of ID with picture or current address where equipment will be used.

Rental rates apply as follows:
Business Day Rental - Equipment back in our yard by 5 P.M. on same day (Promotional rates apply only on the first rental day).
24 Hour Rental - 24 Consecutive hours (Except Saturdays and Sundays).
5 Day -  5 Consecutive days.
4 Week -  28 Consecutive days (Including Saturdays, Sundays, and Holidays).

Equipment Protection Plan:
If you accidentally damage our equipment we won't ask you to pay for repairs.

The Equipment Protection Plan does not apply to following:
Theft  -   Tire damage  -   Abuse   -   Neglect   -  Upset or Overhead Damage.

Reservations By Phone:
We are happy to take reservations over the phone with just your name and number, however, we cannot take a payment by phone. If you are unable to come in for payment please fill out our Credit Card Authorization Form and send it back to us prior to the scheduled rental date/time. 





B2301HSD Kubota Skiploader 4WD
L3301HST Kubota Skiploader 4WD
210LE John Deere Skiploader 4WD


KX018-4 Kubota Mini Excavator 2 Ton
U35 Kubota Excavator 4 Ton
U55 Kubota Excavator 6 Ton
KX080-4 Kubota Excavator 8 Ton
B26 Kubota Backhoe
John Deere 310 Backhoe w/ Enclosed Cab



Skid Steers

S70 Bobcat SkidSteer
S450 Bobcat SkidSteer
T450 Bobcat Track Loader
SSV75 Kubota SkidSteer
SVL75 Kubota Track Loader


Jumping Jack Rammer Compactor
Vibratory Plate Compactor
4 Ton Road Roller




12' Scissor Lift JLG
19' Scissor Lift Skyjack
19' Scissor Lift JLG
26' Scissor Lift Narrow Skyjack
26' Scissor Lift Narrow JLG
26' Scissor Lift Wide
26' Rough Terrain Scissor Lift
33' Rough Terrain Scissor Lift
Towable 34' Boom Lift
40' Boom Lift
60' Boom Lift
60' Articulating Boom Lift
Warehouse Forklift 6K Cap
Reach Forklift, 6K Cap 19' Reach
Reach Forklift, 9K Cap 43' Reach
Reach Forklift, 10K Cap 55' Reach
Material Lift Hand Crank
Drywall Lift
Drywall Dolly

Lawn & Garden

18” Depth Trencher
24” Depth Track Trencher
24” Depth Wheeled Trencher
Hand Held Post Hole Digger
One Man Post Hole Digger
Two Man Post Hole Digger
Hydraulic Post Digger 13 H.P.
Garden Tiller 5 H.P.
Barreto Tiller 13 H.P.
Self Propelled Weed Mower 13 H.P.
Weed Eater String Type 2 Cycle
Sodcutter 18"
Aerator Powered Plugger
Renovator (Power Rake Swing Tooth)
Stump Grinder
Log Splitter 20-24 Ton 26" MAX
Lawn Roller w/ Plug
Basket Spreader
Hedge Trimmer Electric
Dryer - Turbo Blower
Parking Lot Blower




Roto Hammer 1 1/2” Max
Roto Hammer 5" Max
Core Drill
1/3 Sack Electric 3.5 Cubic ft
1/2 Sack Gas 6.0 Cubic ft
Plaster Mixer 12 Cubic ft
Tamp 36" Hand Roller Type
Hand Tools- Trowel, Edger, Jointer, Etc
Concrete Finisher 36" 4-Blade Gas
2HP Vibrator 7/8", Electric 1 1/2"


Gas Cut Off Saw
Walk Behind Concrete Saw
Tile Saw w/Tile Blade, 10", 24" Cut
Tile Saw w/ Brick Blade, 10"
16" Gas Chain Saw
14" Electric Chain Saw
20" Gas Chain Saw
7"-9" Heavy Duty Grinder
4"-5" Mini Grinder
Skillsaw 7" Worm Drive
Porta Band Saw Plus Blades




Floor Grinder
Concrete Planer
HEPA Vacuum
Floorstripper w/ 1 Blade Vinyl Tile
Vacuum-wet/dry 11-15 gal
17" Floor Polisher
Floor Sander 8" Drum Type w/ Wrench
Belt Sander w/ Bag 3 X 24
Vibating Mini 4 X 4
Power Stretcher
Linoleum Roller (75 lb, 100 lb, 125 lb)
Carpet Iron
Knee Kicker
Stair Tool
Ceramic Tile Cutter
Tile Cutter (Linoleum, Vinyl, Asphault)


2.0-2.9 KW Generator
3.0-3.9 KW Generator
5.0-6.0 KW Generator
Extension Cord 120V
Light Tower
Conduit Bender
Magnetic Base Drill Press 3/4" Cap
Right Angle Drill 1/2"
1/2" Drill Standard
3/4" Drill Heavy Duty
Heat Gun Electric
Router 1 HP (Bits Extra)
Electric Impact Wrench 1/2"
Electric Impact Wrench 3/4"



Jack Hammers

Breaker Hammer 20lbs Electric
Breaker Hammer 35lbs Electric
Breaker Hammer 60lbs Electric
Breaker Hammer 35lbs on a Cart

Pressure Washers

Cold Pressure Washer
Hot Pressure Washer



Pipe & Plumbing

50' X 1/2" Hand Snake
50' X 1/2" Power Plumbing Snake
75' X 3/4" Electric Power Snake 3" & 4"
Closet Auger (Toilet) Hand Snake
2" Submersible Pump 3500 GPH w/ 50' Disc
2" Gas Trash Pump
2" X 50" Vinyl Discharge Hose
Pipe Machine to 2" Rigid 300 Compact
Pipe Cutter to 4"
Soil Pipe Cutter to 12"
Pipe Wrench to 48"
Pipe Support Stand
Water Ram Kit
Fire Hydrant Wrench


185 CFM Compressor
3-5 HP Gas 8 CFM Compressor
Airhose 3/8 X 50' Dixon
Air Hammer 60lbs
Air Hammer 90lbs
Air Chipping Hammer 30lbs
Air Post Driver
Sand Blast Outfit
Air Impact Wrench 1/2"
Air Impact Wrench 1"
Air Impact Wrench 3/4"




Engine Hoist Towable 1000 # Cap
KD Hoist 1000 # Cap
3/4" Click Type (600 ft lbs)
Engine Stand (1000 max)
2 Ton Floor Jack
Transmission Jack Auto Type 500# Cap
Transmission Jack Truck Type 2000# Cap

Moving Equipment

Appliance Dolly 1000#
Appliance Dolly 1200# w/ Pop Out Wheels
Electric Dolly 1500#
4 Wheel Piano Dolly Platform Type
Pallet Jack 4000#
Johnson Pry Bar Dolly
Furniture Pads (Each)
Furniture Pads (1 Dozen)




Trailer-4x6 One Axle 1500lbs Cap
Trailer-5x8 One Axle 1500lbs Cap
Trailer-5x10 One Axle 1500lbs Cap
Trailer-5x12 Tandum 2900lbs Cap
Trailer-5x14 Tandum 2900lbs Cap
Trailer-Small Equipment
Dump Trailer-5x8 3000lbs Cap
Dump Trailer–6x10 5000lbs Cap
Car Tow Dolly w/ Straps
Car Trailer
Water Trailer 500 Gallon
Slide Hitch
Slide Pintle Hitch
2 Chains & 2 Binders

Ladders & Platforms

8' Aluminum Double Step Ladder
10' Aluminum Double Step Ladder
12' Aluminum Double Step Ladder
18’-24' Aluminum Extension Ladder
32' Aluminum Extension Ladder
36' Aluminum Extension Ladder
Handy Roll Scaffold
Multi Purpose Scaffold 30"W X 6'L X 6'H
Multi Purpose Scaffold 30"W X 6'L X 12'H
Construction Scaffolding



Tables & Chairs

5’ Round Table
Folding Chair
8' Table
6' Table


Wallpaper Remover (1 Tray, 1 Hose)
Measuring Wheel
Propane Tank Only or Extra Plus Fuel
24" Pedestal Fan
Tension Wire Stretcher
Propane Torch w/ Tank Plus Fuel
Welder - 140 amp w/ 2 leads
Cable Hoist Come A Long 1/2-2 Ton 1 Ton
Post Driver (Hand Type)
Airless Paint Sprayer - Suction Type
Fence Stretcher w/ Come A Long
Rolling Magnet
Rebar Cutter Bender 3/4" Cap on Platform



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